Bethesdabakin’bijoux at Gert’s March 2014

This was a bit of an experiment. Since 2007 we have been organising an annual baking weekend, the number of bakers determined by the host based on the venue and the number that can be accommodated. Bakers sleep where they can: tents, hotels, B&Bs camper-vans, sometimes actually in the venue, and the catering is organised by the group. It’s a pretty major undertaking for the hosts regardless of the amount of help they get.

For a long time now I’ve been wanting to break this pattern. The annual event has become very important to many participants and long may it continue. But there’s no reason why there can’t be other and different events without any threat to the Big One.

Anyway, this was definitely Stig’s (Sarah Jackson) fault. At the launch of Adam Newey’s Hill Bakery last September she threatened to come up to Wales to see us and, you know what bakers are like, before you know it’s a party.

I’ve been doing a small weekly bake for Gert for a few years now. Gert Vos is a seriously good and very unpretentious chef. His restaurant, Oren, in Caernarfon, suffered a major fire in the kitchen at the end of 2012. He was by that time also running a B&B, Abel’s House, in the town and while the restaurant was being repaired he discovered that he preferred cooking in the B&B where he can easily cater for up to 16 people in the basement kitchen/dining room.

So that’s where we went for this experiment – be silly to go anywhere else wouldn’t it.

In attendance: Sue & I, Jay & Gill Butters, Stig, Jack Connah, Marcus and Sharon Row, Joseph Rowntree (Joe Firebeard) – six of us baking.

Joe’s account: http://firebeard.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/caernarfon/

Marcus’ account: http://blog.bakers-row.com/2014/03/north-wales-bread-weekender/